Brands – Kohen Rapoport Group

It all began with a simple idea… optimising relations between lawyers and clients, to achieve maximum practice efficiency while delivering greater access to justice.

Kohen Rapoport was created in the early 1990’s when it launched its flagship brand Prime Law Brokers – the world’s first privately operated and independent legal referral service, which was founded in Australia.

As the Kohen Rapoport expaned around the world (and particularly in the United Kingdom) it launched a series of additional solutions that addressed the needs of local and international markets.

Legal Case Management spawned from the growing frustrations between clients and their legal advisors.

Legal Case Management successfully works with the client and their legal representatives, so the process works effectively for both.

For the client, this means getting the best advice at the best price. For lawyers, it means having peace of mind in knowing a case is well-coordinated and efficiently managed in all aspects, from billing through to communications.


Legal Cost Finance was launched shortly afterwards.  Again, the Kohen Rapoport Group’s founding principle of ‘justice for all’ highlighted the need for an alternative payment solution for legal costs, offering profound benefits for client and lawyer alike.

A ‘payment plan’ solution, enabling clients to pay their legal costs in easy, monthly instalments, with no financial risk whatsoever to the lawyers, was created.

Today, Legal Cost Finance remains the only payment solution for legal costs of its kind, and has helped thousands of clients access the legal support they required.  Payment plans are available for nearly every other consumer product and service, from cars to dental treatments.  It was our belief that a similar offering for legal costs should be available to enable more individuals and businesses to access the legal support they required.

For lawyers, Legal Cost Finance has been directly responsible for generating more client instructions, reducing the chasing of late fees, and minimising aged debt.


More recently, Legal Cost Finance has been developed so that lawyers can, not only recommend the ‘payment plan’ solution to their own clients, but also be on the receiving end of fully-funded case instructions from new clients.

The cost – or perceived cost – of legal services is the biggest barrier preventing consumers from seeking legal support. The heightened consumer awareness of affordable payment plans from Legal Cost Finance, now means many consumers contact us first – even before they have spoken to a lawyer themselves. On contacting us, we first ensure consumers have a legal matter worth pursuing. Then, we install a finance solution for their expected legal costs. Finally, we deliver the case instruction to a suitable lawyer.

Naturally, our reputation and the interests of consumers are of paramount importance to us. We therefore only introduce clients to lawyers who share our principles and who work to specific standards. To manage this process, we have recently developed Catalist, an exclusive membership panel for lawyers. Whilst the panel is open to legal practices of all sizes, membership is limited by geography and speciality. However, most importantly, it is only available to those practitioners who meet proper practice standards and our client service expectations.

Catalist is therefore a ‘list’ of lawyers who are qualified to receive fully-funded and legally-ready client case instructions from Legal Cost Finance.


We constantly keep our ear to the ground and our eyes open to new ideas that appear around the world.  We read many academic and industry reports and took time to understand the workflow and profitability challenges facing UK-based legal practitioners. Our research revealed a lack of reliable ‘on-shore’ providers of the ‘mechanical’ and ‘support’ elements in a lawyer’s daily workload here in the UK.

Based on our findings and, after months of development, we launched P[X]Paralegal.  As a UK-based Legal Process Outsourcing provider, it offers full-practice support to lawyers.  We have already helped many practices minimise their spend on in-house support staff and associated expenditure, by providing a slick, state-of-the-art operation, which combines the best in legal support operations and the best paralegals in the business.

Staggering cost-savings are being realised by those practices adopting our local Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) service.  On average, we have saved each practice a whopping 40% on their ‘fixed’ costs. And the positive effects our LPO service is having on profitability, workflow and client-satisfaction levels, are equally impressive.

P[X]Paralegal is a solution offered directly to lawyers who work within a firm or chamber, or who operate as a sole-practitioner. It naturally offers great benefits to a lawyer’s end client, who can be charged less for the same quality of legal support.  Once again, P[X]Paralegal is demonstrating the founding principle of the Kohen Rapoport Group – making justice more accessible.  And the once impossible is now possible – clients paying less, whilst lawyers enjoying greater profitability.


As part of the ongoing activity at P[X]Paralegal, we noticed that barristers and chambers, who were providing ‘direct access’ services, had a growing demand for specialist paralegal support that could cater to barristers’ needs while also offering assistance to clients directly.  This led us to create a specialist platform called P[X]Chambers Services that combined the resources of the Kohen Rapoport Group into a single offering that supplements the services of existing chambers – turning them into a veritable ‘super-chambers’.   P[X]Chambers Services also provides a full suite of chambers’ services (including direct client support) to sole practitioner barristers who are not otherwise attached to chambers.


For consumers seeking to appoint a ‘direct access’ barrister, we created an online interface called P[X]Direct, which provides individuals with the necessary information on how to find the right barrister to suit their requirements.  Our qualified team members assist clients by searching through barristers’ track records to find the most suitable representative for their case.


Everything your practice writes, communicates or pays for in terms of media outreach has great value, but is your marketing communications performing to its best?

Catapult Communications can take control and cleverly combine some – or all – of your efforts in the areas of ‘Earned’, ‘Owned’ and ‘Bought’ media.

Fragmented, ‘Earned’, ‘Owned’ and ‘Bought’ media are weak and of limited use, but together they are a powerful force that can drive content and key messaging via numerous platforms to help you attract, nurture and close leads and together with a comprehensive marketing strategy, the sky is the limit.

We will create a bespoke programme of marketing activity for your practice, depending on your budget, objectives and practice profile.

Also, as an extension to our marketing and communications activity, we joined forces with internationally-renowned Dale Carnegie Training to offer fast-paced training programmes that are based on practical approaches.

Dale Carnegie is the author of the famous ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’, one of the bestselling self-help books of all time.  In fact, Warren Buffett took the Dale Carnegie course “How to Win Friends and Influence People” when he was 20 years old, and to this day has the diploma in his office.  More than eight million people have completed Dale Carnegie Training.

Now, you can benefit from world-class training based on the proven Dale Carnegie techniques, shaped exclusively for legal professionals by Catapult Personal Development.


Whilst all the above brands have been growing within the Kohen Rapoport activity hub, one brand that has been steadily operating in the background is Yurist – a personal legal project for our founder Dr Yuri Rapoport. Aligned with the name of our founder’s legal practice in Australia (Yurist Lawyers), the name is actually a derivative of the word ‘Jurist’ – used to describe a ‘lawyer’ in a number of foreign languages from Latin to English to Russian.

The foreign language approach underlines the purpose of Yurist, which assists foreign language speakers (local and international clients) who rely on the UK’s legal system to resolve disputes and manage legal cases.

Yurist offers clients the wealth of its resources, through partnerships with an extensive panel of local and international experts, to manage all types of legal cases from multi-jurisdictional disputes and transactions to domestic legal matters.


Of late, there has been a growing demand for more synergy between clients (particularly corporate clients) and their legal service providers. Frustrations on the client-side, when faced with large bills, have become too common. Frustrations on the side of the legal provider, in having to justify their costs and retain their clients, are an unfortunate but natural consequence.

Therefore, Vertex Legal was launched by the Kohen Rapoport Group simultaneously alongside P[X]Paralegal, with the purpose of delivering ‘synergy’ between client and lawyer.

Vertex Legal works with legal practices to help them embrace LPO.  In doing so, lawyers attract and retain more clients.  Such practices enjoy the best of both worlds – happier clients and increased profitability.

In turn, Vertex Legal helps clients by connecting them to legal practices that embrace LPO, or by working with their existing legal firm to introduce LPO to the mix. Clients then benefit from paying lower costs for their legal requirements, whilst maintaining a direct relationship with their lawyer and enjoying the same quality of legal advice and support.