More than ever before, legal practices need to be receptive to changes in the way they operate.  Those who resist change are likely to be left behind.

Over the past few years, Kohen Rapoport Group has launched brands to fortify the foundations within law firms, providing essential support for lawyers in every aspect of their work.

I urge you to read on, and consider the possibility of making positive changes within your practice.

The team at Kohen Rapoport Group and myself sincerely wish you and your practice every success in 2017, and hope we can help make your aspirations a reality.

Dr Y. Rapoport, BSc SJD

CEO and Founder

Kohen Rapoport Group

The Four Pillars…

It is widely accepted that if an organisation gets its foundations right, it can achieve extraordinary results.

The foundations of any business consist of four pillars:

  1. client care & operations;
  2. finance;
  3. human resources; and
  4. marketing & business development.

By addressing and securing the integrity of all four pillars within your practice, the unique solutions offered by Kohen Rapoport Group can make a positive change to your operations immediately and for many years to come.

Whilst there is much emphasis being placed on new technologies for the legal sector, there are, in fact, many other important ‘non-tech’ solutions that can deliver outstanding performance results for your practice.

To understand how these solutions work, one must appreciate that the legal industry relies on the people within it, and Kohen Rapoport Group is all about supporting these people.

We assist the people within the legal profession by optimising legal processes.  In particular, we empower lawyers through on-shore legal process outsourcing (LPO), client financing solutions and through access to original sources new client instructions.

As a thought-leader in its field, Kohen Rapoport Group invites you to join the many legal professionals who have already embraced the positive changes offered though our innovative and forward-thinking solutions.

So, no matter what your role is within your practice, we have a solution that will make your job easier – and make you more productive and profitable.

Let me use the four pillars example to tell you more about what we do… 

HR, Finance, Operations, Client-Care.  Welcome to P[X]Paralegal…

P[X]Paralegal can be any HR department’s best friend, alleviating a number of permanent employment issues, as well as saving sizeable amounts of recruitment and staffing costs.

For the financial aspects of your practice, P[X]Paralegal will massively reduce the fixed cost of staffing.  Using an on-shore outsourced provider of paralegal services is increasingly seen as the obvious answer to the challenge of minimising overheads to maximise profits.

Not only does outsourcing save on salary costs, but it also reduces the need for large offices to accommodate certain team members –  the paralegals – who process a substantial portion of legal workload.

From an operational point of view, outsourcing simply means you can rest assured of maximum efficiencies through set delivery times, fixed costs and guaranteed quality standards.

P[X}Paralegal works to strict quality, ethical and security standards.  We have sophisticated systems for conflict checking and for protecting client confidentiality.  We can also provide references and qualifications of the paralegals who will perform the work for you.

Finally, working with a London-based and reputable LPO provider is a great message to convey to your clients.  Ultimately, by working with P[X]Paralegal, clients can pay less whilst you enjoy higher profitability.


Catalist is our exclusive membership panel for lawyers, which we launched in 2016.

It is essentially a ‘list’ of legal practices who receive fully-funded and legally-ready client case instructions from another Kohen-Rapport brand – Legal Cost Finance.

We have created a simple panel membership scheme, which is bespoke to the areas of practice you cover, the geographical location of your client-base and the income you wish Catalist to generate for you.

Catalist is the most effective and reliable marketing resource for the legal industry today.  It delivers lawyers with 1000% return on their investment into the panel membership and it provides a quibble-free refund policy to ensure there is no risk for any participating member.

The finance pillar within your legal practice.   Introducing Legal Cost Finance…

Legal Cost Finance is an innovative financing solution that serves both client and lawyer equally, ensuring the case proceeds smoothly with guaranteed payments to your practice.

Legal Cost Finance is the only payment solution of its kind, and covers costs relating to all types of cases (contentious and non-contentious).  It has been welcomed with open arms by the legal industry, with The Bar Council recommending Legal Cost Finance as one of its service partners.

Your finance department will be delighted to hear that Legal Cost Finance will remove the hassle of chasing late payments – and will mean aged debt or non-payment of bills is a problem of the past.

Just think what effect this will have on your cash-flow.

It is free to become an Associate Member of Legal Cost Finance, which will enable you to offer our payment plans to your own clients.  We will provide free marketing collateral for you to share with your clients and will support you in any way we can.

Offering Legal Cost Finance to consumers will arm your marketing and business development pillar with a powerful message, enticing a stream of new clients to your practice and higher client conversion rates.

By educating people via your own marketing efforts, demonstrating that your services are accessible and affordable via Legal Cost Finance, you will be staggered at the growth your practice will enjoy.

Remember, if you would also like to receive new and relevant fully-funded instructions from clients who contact Legal Cost Finance directly and before they’ve appointed a lawyer, then Catalist is the answer.

Once again, I wish you a prosperous and exciting 2017, and look forward to assisting you with your practice needs.