Kohen Rapoport Group

The driving force behind the Kohen Rapoport Group is the commitment to the principle that everyone should have access to Justice and access to quality legal services.

To make this principle a reality, we enable legal professionals – those qualified to administer Access to Justice – to optimise the outputs and outcomes of the services they offer.

We achieve this by offering a suite of services and products that cover all aspects of ‘practice life’ – from workload management support through to innovative payment solutions for clients’ legal costs.

Through optimising the legal profession, we in turn empower lawyers to make access for legal support (and thus Access to Justice) achievable for all consumers.

Over just a few years, we have revolutionised the way lawyers work and we have enabled Access to Justice for thousands of consumers. It is a journey that is continuing. We keep a close eye on the changing landscape of the legal industry in order to identify opportunities and innovate solutions that make the legal world a better place for all.