About – Kohen Rapoport Group

Our diverse, but highly complementary, portfolio of brands support both legal professionals who work within the industry, and consumers who require legal support.

The Kohen Rapoport Group’s strength lies in its brands, which include some of the most trusted names within the legal world.

A common objective
Today, the Group encompasses five core brands. While each brand offers different products and services, the unifying characteristic is that each enables legal professionals to optimise their productivity and profitability. This means the door to accessing justice is opened to far, far more consumers.

Some of the entities within the Kohen Rapoport Group have a global reach, whilst others focus purely on the legal profession in the UK.

Across all brands, our highly efficient operation leverages proprietary systems and technology. Thus we deliver exceptional experiences in a personalised manner to both lawyers and clients.

Everything we create maintains the flexibility and scalability required to sustain high-growth.

Eureka! That lightbulb moment, when the solution to a difficult challenge becomes clear.

Those are the moments we create through the Kohen Rapoport Eureka! approach. We make seemingly complicated situations both simple and accessible.

Having worked as practicing lawyers across the world, we are well-qualified and experienced in identifying and understanding the challenges facing those, not only administering the law, but also those requiring access to legal support. In doing so, we are empowered to develop solutions to overcome the issues each face, with the core purpose of making both administering and accessing justice non-prohibitive and simple.